Hi! I am Alba.

Graphic Designer based in Berlin.

Playing around with design since 2011 and with art since I have memory.
I love the creative process since the beginning, from the idea till the finished product. I also like to work for web as for printed. For both of them I always give my personal touch, I play with colors, textures and different supports.
All my life I have been surrounded by people in very different artistic areas, that is why I am always trying new things and implementing them in my work. I just can not stop learning new things.
I was born in Pamplona/Iruña, Navarra (Spain) but I move to Bilbao/Bilbo, Vizcaya/Bizkaia to finish my Graphic Design studies and then I made my internship in Berlin in 2016.

I move to Berlin in 2017 and study in ESDIP School a Graphic Design Level II.

At the moment I work as Graphic Designer and Content Creator for Zalando Lounge in Berlin. 

Contact me via email: